Monday Meditation

Meditation is a highly researched practice that shows remarkable results in helping people reduce the symptoms of stress which include anxiety, depression and chronic pain. With a practice of focused attention and concentration, we train our minds to do what we want our mind to do with the goal having an ongoing sense of well-being. In this group you will learn how to: 1) develop a practice of meditation 2) use meditation to reduce stress, and 3) learn how to respond thoughtfully to the difficulties of daily living. This group is different from any other meditation offering because it is designed to be therapeutic as well as educational. As we all know, change occurs in our lives through consistent practice of a new skill, a good teacher and a supportive community. This is why it is important to attend 4 sessions to evaluate the effectiveness of this practice.

Time: Mondays 6:15p – 7:30p (Register for four week sessions)

Place: Center for Psychological Health & Well-Being

Cost: $60 per four-week session

Led By:  Dr. Romy Valdez

Pre-registration is required. Chairs are available.

For more information and to register, please call Dr. Valdez at 603-512-4932.